Set: Short Red Ruby Ankh Beaded Necklace and Unakite Elephant Beaded Bracelet


Necklace: Short Red Ruby Ankh Beaded Necklace:

Ruby’s intense energy sharpens the mind, bringing a heightened awareness and excellent concentration. It promotes a courageous attitude, and may increase one’s success in controversies and disputes.


Bracelet: Unakite Elephant Beaded Bracelet

As a professional support stone, Unakite helps increase business success in areas of beauty, aromatherapy, and fashion design. It is also a sustaining stone for marriage counselors and divorce attorneys.


Unakite Jasper is superb for healing and nurturing the physical and emotional bodies during injury, prolonged illness or hospitalization. Its Earth energies bring gradual strength and renewed vitality, while helping one to understand and endure these frustrating or painful experiences.


Note: You may order these as separate items as well.  You will find them as individual items in the necklace and bracelet collections


Please specify bracelet size when ordering.

Set:Short Red River JAnkh Beaded Necklace & Unakite Elephant Beaded Bracelet Set